Robert Alleyne Seminar

We are hosting a special training seminar by UK trainer Robert Alleyne. He recently presented an evening class at the 2018 Volhard Healthy Dog Conference and due to popular demand has been asked to return for a more in depth two day seminar for trainers and dog owners.

Robert is an expert in the field of working with dogs and their owners. Sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish between what is a training problem and what is a behavioral issue. He has dedicated himself to dealing with both, rather than hoping that one will always remedy the other. After analyzing his own methods and those of others, amateur and professional, he has devised a method for trainers that will encourage handlers and dogs to work together as a team.

Robert is a successful obedience dog handler in his own right; running his own pet dog training classes since 1985 and teaching courses on becoming a dog trainer instructor. He is a respected judge in dog shows and has appeared on many television and radio programs in the UK. In 2000, Robert published The Trouble-Free Dog, a defining book on training and behavior.


The two day seminar will address the following:

  • building trust with your dog
  • socializing, how to get it wrong and how to get it right
  • does your dog find training fun
  • how to play
  • recall
  • leave it
  • stay
  • no jumping
  • handling for veterinary visits
  • competition handling
  • addressing common behavioral problems including aggression and separation anxiety
  • an alternative way to structure a class
  • class exercise and different ways of teaching them

Dates: April 27 & 28, 2019
Time: 9:00am-4:00pm
Fee: $250.00, including a gourmet lunch both days

Registration contact information
Email: (best method)
Telephone: 540-937-3201 (available between 7-9pm ECT)

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