Know Your Puppy

Special Event with Wendy Volhard
sponsored and hosted by Mahogany Ridge

March 16th, 2019

Wendy Volhard will be presenting a Volhard Puppy Aptitude Testing (PAT) Workshop at Mahogany Ridge! Wendy developed this test which can be utilized by breeders looking to place puppies in the correct home as well as for trainers picking the best working dog. Households that already have a dog can use some aspects of the test to better understand their dog’s behavior. When looking to rescue a dog from a shelter, numerous test factors will provide a good indication of what to look for.

This workshop provides information on the correct age, time, and place to test a puppy for the most accurate results. Details are provided on how to test, score, and interpret each element in the eleven factors revealing the dog’s instinctive behavior.

During the test, various exercises are done to determine how easy it is to teach the puppy to walk on a leash, follow direction, and retrieve. It will also determine if the puppy will be sensitive to touch or loud noises, chase bicycles, and socialized for a household with children.


The ultimate goal is to select the right puppy and/or rescue dog for the right home.

For breeders: placing puppies in the correct homes.
For puppy buyers: choosing the puppy that fits into your lifestyle.

Choosing a rescue dog? Find out which one is best for you, learn what the puppy is telling you, and understand the behavior of an older puppy.

The fee for this event is $150 and includes lunch.

Registration contact information
540-937-3201 (available between 7-9pm ECT)

Click here to view and print the registration form.