KidsCamp! is a week-long day camp developed and designed for children (8 years and up) and their dogs, offering opportunity to learn and expand their knowledge through dog related activities and more.

Each day, training, not limited to obedience and agility, is balanced with lectures and demonstrations. While the dogs are resting, the kids learn to read a dog’s body language and how to work with their dog’s personality to achieve harmony for each team.

This Year’s Info:

KidsCamp! will be held at Camp Horizons again since we all enjoyed that location so much last year. We will have two weeks of camp available, June 16th-21st and August 11th-16th. Stay tuned for more information on prices and registration.

Jean Pagnotta Scholarship

As a child, my Aunt Jean was instrumental in my involvement with dogs and dog shows. She often commented to me that she hoped she had something to do with my love of animals. I always assured her that she did. I learned patience, trust and many canine and life skills from my Aunt, and would like to show my appreciation to her by giving back to other children.

We would like to offer children the opportunity of attending our Kids Camp with this full scholarship!

Photos from previous years!