Intermediate Classes

Obedience Level 2

6 week program using the Volhard Motivational Method

This level continues to build your dog’s confidence, teaching hand signals, beginning off-leash work and distraction training.

Rally-Obedience Level 2

4 week program

The latest AKC class: like agility without the obstacles. It incorporates all the basic obedience exercises.

Prerequisite: the dog-handler team need to have completed our Level 1 class or equivalent.

NoseFun 2

4 week program

This class advances the dog/handler team building on skills taught in our NoseFun 1 class.  All dogs are taught to identify a natural essential oil.  Techniques for building better dog/handler interaction and teamwork are the focus.  High food or toy motivation is essential.

Agility Intermediate

4 week program

This level of agility class will focus on the course. Students will master handling skills that enhance the performance of their dog. Running courses and building the team are the goal this six weeks!


4 week program

This fast moving class incorporates all the basic obedience exercises with games that dogs and handlers play. Working on your leash manners has never been so much fun. While our dogs work on stays, recalls, sits and downs we add the element of games like beat the bell, bandana relay, don’t spill my drink, and many more activities designed to enhance our dogs performance in a fun and sometimes competitive atmosphere.

Prerequisite: the dog-handler team need to have completed our Level 2 class or equivalent.