Foundation Classes

Obedience Level 1

6 week program using the Volhard Motivational Method

Designed for the beginner, we teach all the basic commands with a fun approach. Problems such as jumping, barking and running away are addressed.

Rally-Obedience Level 1

4 week program

Begin your obedience with Rally! Designed for the beginner dog and handler with no previous obedience experience. This class will help dog and handler improve their team work and develop new skills.

NoseFun 1

4 week program

Dogs have more than 220 million olfactory receptors in their nose giving them an incredible ability to smell. This class focuses on teaching you how to encourage and develop your dog’s natural scenting abilities by using their desire to hunt and their love of toys, food and exercise.  This is a fun class designed to build confidence, and burn lots of mental and physical energy.

Living with your Dog

4 week program

It is just that! All the manners and behaviors that you need to build the ideal relationship that we all want. We have made training your perfect pet FUN, for both you and your dog.  Door manners and car manners, traveling with your dog in peace: make your trained dog truly a FREE dog, one that can go anywhere and everywhere with you. Leave it when I tell you to, focus on me when we walk, wait in front of your food bowl before meals, all the manners that make the perfect pet that you can be proud of. These exercises are broken down into doable steps. Progress rapidly and improve your relationship: Dog ownership at its best.

Agility Beginners

4 week program

Obstacle training for the beginner dog. Teaching speed with confidence by teaching obstacle objectives with safety and fun as your priorities.

Agility Advanced Beginner

4 week program

For the beginner dog and handler ready to pull it all together. Connecting obstacles and beginning sequencing. Learn how to put the course together and how to run your dog with speed and confidence.

Tricks 101

4 week program

With the use of our dog’s individual personality we will focus on teaching a variety of dog tricks  throughout this class series. Tricks aren’t just cute, they can be useful too! Learn to harness your dog’s enthusiasm, building self-control while having a great time!

Musical Canine Freestyle

6 week program

One of the newest canine sports to reach North America. Here’s something new to do over the winter or those rainy days! This class will introduce you to basic freestyle warm ups and moves, how to select music specifically for your dog, and how to begin creating a freestyle routine of your own! Wonderful additional training for your therapy dog, do demos, enter in competition, or just for fun!

This class is for those with little or no freestyle experience. A good way to get your dog moving, build on your relationship as a team—great for older dogs too! All of this and it’s very fun!

Environmental Games

4 week program

This class is really about your dog. It is a known fact among dogs that sniffing is one of the most tiring things to do. Next may very well be learning something new like climbing a series of platforms or learning how to handle new experiences. This class is about building  trust and confidence in the dog/handler relationship by offering different obstacles, surfaces and other challenges during this four week class. Improve your ability to read your dog and learn how to create a well-balanced happier dog.

This class is for all dogs at any level. No previous skills needed.