CGC Workshop

The Canine Good Citizen test is passed by well-mannered dogs all around the world. The workshop we offer is comprised four, hour-long classes over four weeks. The first three are all skill-building, and the last hour is the CGC test.

Why should you be interested in your dog earning this certificate? There are quite a few! 1) Depending on what breed you have, some insurance companies might require your dog to pass a CGC test before giving you homeowners insurance. 2) Some hospitals will let you bring your CGC dog to visit patients while they are hospitalized. 3) Some dog parks, communities, and state parks are requiring that dogs that come in have passed a CGC test.

Theresa will be teaching the course, but she is also a recognized AKC CGC evaluator!

Classes start August 4th, 10:30am
$75 dollars—includes classes and the test