Camps & Workshops

We always have an exciting selection of camps and workshops available. Here is a list of workshops we offer frequently.

Beginner Obedience Focus Workshop

Four different classes for the beginner dog, enjoy one or all four.

Each 2 hour session has its own focus: (1) walking on leash (2) sit, down, and stand stay (3) oral behaviors like barking, chewing, biting (4) come when called.

Teach your dog to respond to you and learn how to continue building success. Includes light refreshments.

Intermediate Obedience Focus Workshop

Four different classes for advanced beginner or intermediate dog, enjoy one or all four classes.

Each two hour session focuses on continuing to develop skills taught at our beginner level by adding time, distance, and distraction. This focus classes are also geared to dogs that had training earlier in life and need help in only one or two areas. Includes light refreshments.

Agility Games Workshop

Four different classes (Gamblers, Snooker, Jumpers, and Tunnel games), a different game each week!

The courses will be at the open level with limited enrollment so all teams get the most out of the hour. This class is a pay per week. They will run as above, beginning with gamblers, snooker, jumpers, and our final class will be a tunnel game. Advance sign up is needed. Enjoy one or all four weeks.