Theresa Richmond was born and raised in Lake George, New York. Ever since she was little, Theresa has been surrounded by a variety of dogs, and her love and understanding of them has only grown.

While her experience with training dogs started when she was only fourteen years old, it wasn’t until 1985 that Theresa met Jack and Wendy Volhard, the educators who impacted her profoundly, at their Instructor Training School. At that time, Theresa remembers asking Jack Volhard, “what do you think is the most important part of dog training?”

“The most important part to me is maintaining the integrity of the relationship with the dog,” was his answer. Theresa adopted the Volhards’ motivational method as her mission at Mahogany Ridge then, and has never looked back.


Theresa’s canine education consists of a multitude of seminars, training camps and self study.

  • Theresa received her certification as an agility instructor by Julie Daniels in 1997 and is a follower of the Hatfield/Mah approach to agility.
  • She has attended behavioral seminars by Katherine Houpt at Cornell University as well as training seminars with the late Job Michael Evans.
  • She is a Certified Volhard Staff Instructor and a professional member (#2725) of the International Association of Canine Professionals.
  • She also is an AKC Evaluator (#772290) for the Canine Good Citizen and Community Canine tests.
  • Most recently Theresa has received her Competent Communicator certificate with Toastmaster International and her Trick Dog Instructor certificate from Kyra Sundance with Do More With Your Dog. Theresa is forever a student who seeks any information to be gathered.

Many individuals, organizations, and schools have recognized Theresa for sharing her knowledge and experience. She has helped many to become successful with their goals, whether it be fixing behavior problems, obedience, agility, or teaching their dogs special skills like running beside a bike! Never hesitant to face a challenge, Theresa reaches into her “bag of tricks” and comes up with the solution.

Students and trainers alike seek Theresa’s help and guidance. With her knowledge and skill she leads the way, facing each challenge with confidence. She tailors her training to the individual team, so that a strong bond is formed and the dog and handler work as one. In this way success is achieved and goals are met, whether that goal is of a happy family pet or a competitive team.